Why Use Home Health Care?

At home is where health care began, and, not surprisingly, at-home is where health care has returned Allows for in-home nursing care and prevents or postpones institutionalization (an alternative to in-hospital or nursing home care) Allows for medical intervention to recovering, disabled, chronically or terminally ill persons.

In the ever-changing health care industry, several things remain constant:

  • The increased need to focus on patient-centered health care outcomes.
  • The need to promote optimum quality care that is proactive, professional, and driven by compassion.
  • The need to foster and maintain relationships with physicians, patients, families, and to better serve health care needs of our community.

At Ge’ryn Home Health Care Agency…

We are committed to the needs of our patients and families, paying special attention to their rights, cultural variations, and psychosocial needs. We realize that with a higher level of morale, recoveries are often faster at home and allows for a higher level of independence.

Committed to Providing High Quality and Safe Patient Care.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be acknowledged as a leader in the health care industry by providing and promoting optimum quality care that is proactive, professional, driven by compassion, resulting in cost effective services that exhibit measurable outcomes to our patients without alienating their rights to participate and make decisions about their health care.

Values Totem

  • Performance
    Meeting or exceeding the performance standards established by both the Texas Department of Aged and Disabled Services and Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
  • Patient Care
    Providing cost-competitive, quality patient services in an effort to improve patient care outcomes, and quality of life.
  • Patient Rights
    Respecting the rights and confidentiality of our clients. Recognizing the intrinsic worth of the aged and disabled.
  • Patient Satisfaction
    Satisfying the needs and exceeding the performance expectations of our clients.
  • Communication
    Establishing and maintaining open communication with clients, their family, physicians, and staff.
  • Trust
    Nurturing relationships with our clients to promote continued confidence and trust in our staff and services.
  • Integrity
    Doing things morally right and doing the right things without jeopardizing or sacrificing patient care and safety.
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